SPRING pop up shop


We are thrilled you will be a part of our 12-day Spring Pop Up Shop!

Please bookmark this page for quick reference to any questions you may have about the Pop Up Shop. If you cannot find the answer to your question there, please email us at team@showandtellpopupshop.com and we will get back to you as soon as we can.



Opening Party Thursday, May 9 | 6-9PM

Open May 8-19 | 10am-8pm
@Asheville Social Hall
81 Broadway St, Asheville, NC 28801



It is completely up to you as to how many items and what price range to bring for the pop up shop. For this 12-day pop up, we recommend bringing 50-100 pieces.

We also recommend bringing a range of items to suit different tastes. If you have best-sellers, we recommend bringing multiples of those. Best sellers for our market are mid-priced items between the $20-50 range. Higher priced items do sell, just not too many of them, and we find they help mid to lower priced items move.

Each item needs to be clearly tagged with a price and your Vendor ID that has been assigned to you. When tagging your items, please be sure to make your price the standout number. This helps shoppers not mistake a vendor number for a price number or vice versa.

Click here for a full list of the Vendor IDs.



We will have dedicated space for back stock during the pop up shop. Vendors are always welcome throughout the show to check on their inventory and if we find a vendor needs to restock, we will contact them directly.



Each vendor is required to provide an inventory list comprised of everything that will be dropped off at the pop up shop. This list should have a description of each individual item/group of like items and price. Click here for a sample inventory list you are welcome to use. Please note, the inventory list is very helpful and is used at the checkout for quick reference when a price tag has fallen off. Unfortunately we are not able to give a detailed description of each item sold.



Please email us any new images of products that you would like us to use for social promotion on Instagram, Facebook, and our website. Otherwise we will use those we find on the website(s) you provided in your application and/or your social media platforms.



Our styling team will transform the venue into a retail store and placing items throughout the shop. Please make sure that all items are tagged with your Vendor ID and pricing.

If you have a unique display/fixture we would love to use it. Please email us with any pictures/questions you may have regarding this.

We love to hear any thoughts you may have regarding set up leading up to the Pop Up Shop. However, please understand that after leaving your inventory and/or fixtures with the Pop Up Shop, there is no guarantee on display and/or placement and the team will ultimately decide on placement during the event.



Vendors need to drop off their product at the venue on the time you signed up for*:

MONDAY, MAY 6 | 12-7PM


Make sure your items are packaged in labeled boxes or bins and don’t forget your inventory list.



You may pick up your items after the closing of the shop at the time you signed up for *:

TUESDAY, MAY 21 | 12-7PM


*If the drop-off and/or pick-up time does not work, email us ASAP to arrange alternatives.

As the pop up winds down, we will do our best to round up your inventory. But ultimately you will be responsible for packing up your inventory. If you can not be present to collect your inventory please make arrangements for somebody else to do so.

The venue is a space we rent to host the pop up shop with other events taking place before and after. Therefore, any inventory that has not been picked up after the close of the shop or a pre-arranged alternative time, we will charge a $45 storage and handling fee for each day left behind.



Please have items shipped to arrive on or before Friday, May 3 and sent to:

Show & Tell Pop Up Shop
Stephanie Mergelsberg
164 Hillside St., Apt 6
Asheville, NC 28801

If you would like your items shipped back to you, we will be happy to. Vendors will assume all postage charges to/from the pop up shop.



We will do everything within our power to prevent theft of products and displays, but we cannot guarantee that items will not go missing or get broken. Although inventory lists are supplied by vendors, we do not verify whether the numbers, descriptions, and/or prices match the physical inventory dropped off. Our team will make every effort to prevent any incidents. However we cannot be held responsible if theft or damage does occur.



All vendors will receive a check their final earnings along with a simple sales summary of items sold by price. The check will be mailed on or before Saturday, June 1  and mailed to the address included in your application.

Sales tax will be collected and paid by us for all the items sold.





Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1295235623941929/

Click here for various graphics:

  • graphics for the Pop Up we encourage you to post all over your social media outlets

  • flyer graphics you’re welcome to print and distribute